Modern Day Fly in a Urinal – Schiphol Airport

For those of you who have been to Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam a surprise is waiting for you in the mens urinals. Each urinal has been designed with the image of a fly just above the drain.

It turns out that men cannot resist peeing on things, the fly being one of them and as a result they concentrate more and their accuracy improves. According to a post in the Wall Street Journal (May 13th 1997) the Schiphol fly on the urinal has “reduced spillage by 80%” (Newman 1997). The psychological principle is a simple one, men are rewarded for their accuracy by being given a target to aim for. The fly was so effective it was later adopted by JFK Airport.

Whilst the urinal fly is a great concept we at Ur-In-Goal have taken it to the next level. With the fly being a static object we found the incentive to aim is short lived, it has maximum impact when first used but once men find the object is immovable the incentive is lessened. Our Football Urinal Mats have taken the concept of offering an incentive for accuracy and built it into a movable object, the football. Football is reportedly the most popular sport with an estimated 3.5 billion fans. The football urinal mats have a ball hung in the centre of a goal, as the ball is urinated on it swings, moving in and out of the goal. Men try to urinate on the moving ball to push it back in the goal. Continuing the incentive for urinal accuracy.

Furthermore the football themed designed acts as a great marketing tool. Men cannot resist telling their friends the have just ‘scored’.


fly on urinal - football urinal mat
Football Urinal Mat – Instagram post